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Yachtmaster Ocean – including Sights

A person holding a Yachtmaster Ocean qualification is experienced and competent to skipper a yacht on passages of any length in all parts of the world.

The Yachtmaster Ocean exam is an oral and written test of your knowledge of ocean passage making including planning, navigation, worldwide meteorology, crew management, yacht preparation, maintenance and repairs. You will also be questioned on your Sights taken at sea during an ocean passage.

For an idea of how the exam will be run, take a look at our Notes for Examiners.

This course, the high end of RYA Yachtmaster training, is for those aspiring to water cruising and is ideal for holders of the yacht Master offshore certificated while preparing for the first ocean passage.

Holding the yacht Master Ocean shorebased certificate is also one of the requirements of the MCA chief mate (yachts), Master (Y) 500 GT, or Master (Y) 3000 GT. The course is taught over 40 hours was one exam paper; it will be covered as an intensive week-long course, however evening classes are available on request.

Topics covered include: the Earth and the celestials sphere, practical guides to use and care of the sextant at sea, Meridian altitudes, sun, star and other sights, ocean passage planning.

Pre-course reading is essential and we recommend to our candidates to pick up their book in ample time.

Ocean Sights
There is no requirement for you to attend an RYA course before your Ocean exam. However, it is often worth receiving some tuition, if only to find out your strengths and weaknesses. The day at sea when you take your sights is the ideal environment for you to make such a decision.

Start date:
26 November 2018

End date:
1 December 2018

€ 990


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